European Institute for Health and Safety in the Film Industry

Welcome to the European Institute for Health and Safety in Film Industry, z.ú., nonprofit organization (NPO).

We do research on the integrated health and safety in film industry. Through our activities we
bring together universities, government agencies, trade unions, television companies and film
productions and promote mutual cooperation.
We offer overall implementation of the integrated safety work-flow in planned or existing film
Our Institute is very proud to house the best specialists on occupational health and safety, stunt and
movie industry as well as other experts.


Mgr. Jiří Kosorinský MBA
CEO of institute – Health and safety in stuntsman actions  expert.

Doc. Ing. Ivana Tureková Ph.D.

Health and safety expert in University of Nitra SK

Ing. Michal Svoboda Ph.D.

Health and safety expert in CZECH Republic

Mgr. Ĺubica Kosorinská

Expert for international realtionship

doc. Ing. Jiří Hrbáček Ph.D.

expert for education

Dana Hrbáčková

Audit authority


Starting her career in independent features with a technical knowledge of cameras, lighting, editing, background in H&S management and acute analytical skills, Janka quickly established herself as a unique production individual able to support and manage every department of production, not only in the UK, but also internationally.


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