Our Services

We like to challenge our research results and confront them with the industry reality to see if they
truly work. Our specialist who can serve and deliver:

  • fire prevention management
  • occupational health and safety consulting
  • movement and bodywork workshops for stuntmen and actors to help them master their roles or
    particular film scenes

All our knowledge can be practically applied with visible results and is perfectly scalable, giving us the
possibility to provide an all round complex service but also advice on particular scenes only.

Integrated Safety Implementation

Are you shooting a film? Get in touch with us.

We can provide suitable specialists for your film project. Our expert work starts with preproduction
where he may advise on story board while keeping the artistic intention of the direction in mind. He
will visit and analyse potential hazards on each location, take precautions, be present on the actual
shooting to solve ad hoc issues if they arise until your project is done.

All the obligatory documentation, the risk assessment is included in the service and will be created by
us. We will also take care that you fulfil all the legal requirements connected to the occupational
health and safety. Our approach is not to forbid every hazardous scene or obstruct the shooting but
to find creative ways, how to make it happen, just in a safe way.

Our institute can secure professional stuntmen, who already implemented the integrated safety best
practice rules. We can also coordinate and guide stuntmen of your choice.
Applying the integrated safety work flow on set leads to a more effective production, as we can
foresee and prevent issues which could delay the whole filming and so can save time and help in
cutting costs.

Consulting Services for particular scenes

Are you already in the middle of your film project? It is never too late to jump in.
We can analyse your story board and the location, assess the risk and propose actions to be taken.
You will receive all mandatory documentation along with the Check List for the production. Our
experts will oversee the process and will make sure the preventative measures are taken.

By applying our knowledge and experience we can create an environment, safe for actors and the
crew, so everyone can fully concentrate on their performance without being afraid of potential harm.


Are you a stuntmen team? Would you like to became a specialist on integrated safety? We can train
you up on the integrated safety and well as show you the latest technologies. Our institute offers
trainings and workshops for the stunt coordinators on integrated safety.