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Holger Schumacher

Holger Schumacher is a german bates Expert for Health & Safety.  He has

been working as a professional stuntman since 2003, among others As a

long-time member of the stunt team of Germany’s most successful action

series: “Alarm for Cobra 11”. There he was the double of the main actor

Erdogan Atalay (role “Semir Gerkan”). An accident while filming in 2008

ended his career on camera. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the

head and hands. But he remained loyal to the industry and continues to

work as an expert and consultant for stunts & Safety in Germany, Austria

and Switzerland.


He is also working as a „Safety Influencer“ für the BG ETEM, for

which he is als an ambassador. As RISKbuster @ BG ETEM, Holger

Schumacher ensures that occupational or road safety is no longer boring

– with the help of one of the world’s most risky and fascinating jobs –

that of the STUNTMAN. And he knows what he’s talking about. He tests

risks in the classic “stunt manner” and thus raises awareness of

everyday hazards. He is also working as an Risk Coach & Keynote Speaker.

His Main Subjects are: Risk Assessments, Prevention Culture & the

development of Soft Skills. For this he uses his own experience as a

stuntman and his expertise as a stunt & safety consultant. In addition,

he developed and perfected his concept as part of a study with the

Fraunhofer Institute and in collaboration with the industrial



Due to the very exciting subject of stunt paired with his authentic

way, Schumacher’s appearance is always a highlight. In addition, there

may be a surprise or two in his lectures and it can get very hot.


Contact: Holger Schumacher (DE)


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